Development history for SieGeL's Homepage

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Version 3.07:
Added DSGVO text :(
Version 3.06:
Added shariff share buttons to FAQ detail view.

Switched DB class to MySQLi.
Version 3.05:
Added some fun...
Added Microdata tagging to the following pages: downloads.php, news.php, faq.php, faq_view.php
Version 3.04:
Added possibility to "rate" my downloads. Requires Cookies and JS to work.
Version 3.03:
Made some adjustments to some scripts
Added lightbox.js support for the gallery section to show the pictures.
Updated anti-bot code.
Added new functionality for bot attacks.
Version 3.02:
Added link "canonical" to sort out double pages in search engines.
Non-existing file ids now return a HTTP 404 status

Fixed some warnings during WAI validation
Fixed possible XSS attack
Download page redesigned - a big thank you to Ulrich Puhlf�rst for providing the design and the necessary icons!
Version 3.01:
Added language selector to manually choose the displayed language.
Added/changed some texts in both languages.

Fixed various PHP warnings.

Added redirector scripts.
Version 3.00:
Public release of my new homepage.

FAQ section finished.
Photo page added.
Contact formular added.
Links page redesigned. All links are now database driven and utilize the overlib javascript library.
Updated the Guestbook page, added some security checks and a paginator.
Updated the FAME Info page, removed all dead links and added links to Aminet (FAME List) and the FAMEOnCD.zip package.
Added RSS functionality which supplies all downloads as clickable links inside the feed.
Started with new redesigned webpage. The graphics are designed by Ulrich Puhlf�rst, many thanks for that! Also the new site will utilize CSS, a little bit AJAX and a completly new color scheme for better readability.
Version 2.14:
Added new FAQ section to homepage.
Version 2.13:
Various code tweaks, new security fixes and other enhancements.
Version 2.12:
Tweaked contact code
Updated Google Analytics Code to latest version.
Version 2.11:
Updates in the contact formular
Code cleanup and minor enhancements
Fixed some bugs in the Links submit script for A1 links.
View Readme page now displays file informations and provides a link to download the file from within the readme description.
Updated AmigaONE pages
Antispam code added to contact formular.
Version 2.10:
Added new features to antispam protection.
Version 2.09:
Logging system integrated, will be spread now across all sub-sites
Added additional spam protection
It really took only one month until I had to add the first checks to my contact sending formular...why the hell are some ppl soooo stupid to flood everyone with their annoying spam?? I will never understand such fools, really stupid guys they are...
Version 2.08:
Added new contact sending formular replacing the old informations
Fixed a small bug in navigation, the ip country icon was not shown when browsing the amigaone subdir.

Updated AmigaOne section
Downloads are now tracked in a history table, this way I can easily replace old versions without loosing the total data anymore.
Added additional checks to guestbook, seems that some ppl try to attack my system...
Guestbook supports now checking of banned ip addresses via Database and added additional check to make sure that one cannot add millions of similar entries. We will see how good this works...

Updated MySQL DB Class to V0.31
Version 2.07:
Added www.vapeilas.de to Links page
Updated PGP keys page with correct informations.

Guestbook writing page contains now an additional link for ppl with disabled META REFRESH attribute in their browsers, as this results in a hanging window and no data is actually added to the guestbook :|
Version 2.06:
History file renamed to CHANGELOG

Navigation now renders user's country based on user's ip address.

Guestbook enhanced to have the navigation arrows also on top of page, made it much easier to browse the guestbook.

Added serveral tweaks to remove some Tidy HTML warnings and also made the site better working with the tests from www.barrierefreiheit.de to help ppl with handicaps browsing the site.
Removed netstat javascript code as the new owner Web4U sends out unwanted ads, and I never EVER will allow ads on any of my sites.
Added photos from my newly bought SUN Netra X1 which is replacing my dying x86 Linux machine.
Version 2.05:
Readme viewer now converts problematic characters to their html variant to avoid missing characters on screen

Made code CVS aware.
Version 2.04:
Added online user counter system - When it runs as required it will be spread across the sites I've manage :)
Changed Links Section and localized the page

Added new category "Misc. Files" to download section, as I will now release all my "little helper scripts" which are written in various languages.
Version 2.03:
Fixed some 404 errors (referred to missing pages)

Fixed a typo in printFooter()
Version 2.02:
Added last 3 news to main index page, this way the news are no longer ignored anymore...at least I hope so! :)
Version 2.01:
Added AmigaWorld.net Top-News to Home, now the page is not so empty anymore and you have a good overview of the latest articles :)

Fixed some small HTML 4.01 violations and also fixed document type header, which was wrong defined.

Photo Section is now localized. Also the layout is changed to print 5 pictures per row.
Version 2.00:
Added new language system and localized all pages with new system.
Added remaining sections Contact, PGP Keys and Photos. Now the site is completly rewritten and FRAME-less!

Links section reworked and adapted to new layout.

Guestbook rewritten and adapted to new layout.
History viewer adapted and integrated.

Embedded A1 pages and merged all php scripts and css files.

Added FAME Info page and changed layout a bit

Changed Download section to supply now also a TYPE filter, this way one can choose to view only PHP scripts etc.
Changed layout of News Section, this is hopefully better readable.

Removed "starting" page with language selector. Site determines language now automatically and uses the language that is choosen inside the browser.

Added my own MySQL class for DB communication.

Started (again) to rebuild the site. For the first time since 1997 I decided to rebuild the site without FRAMES anymore. Instead all pages have the full navigation embedded. This way it is now much more user friendly.
Version 1.50:
Reworked AmigaOne section. It uses now a real subdirectory and is completly MySQL driven. This step was required to have better comfort when managing FAQs, Links etc. This also allows user submissions in the near future, at least this was one of the main reasons why I decided to rewrite this section.
Version 1.44:
Added BOiNC-Stats. After some testing this stats page will be released, too.
Version 1.43:
Added Photo Section to main navigation, now my two amigas are finally photographed and can be viewed online now :)
Version 1.42:
Changed Linux Icon in download section to a PHP icon, as this is more correct :)

Removed Distributed Folding stats link as it is no longer working

Added stripping of HTML tags in Guestbook

Added Boondocks Logo to Links section

Mangled my E-Mail address in contact section to hopefully stop the fucking SPAM bots that collect e-mail addresses ARGH!

Updated the A1 FAQ section with latest infos.

Updated Copyright infos to include 2004 now :)
Version 1.41:
Updated News Section, it is now database driven instead of using textfiles on disc. This is much more flexible and allows to add comments etc.
Version 1.40:
Updated the Guestbook, fixed some small bugs and changed the way entries are saved to DB. Hopefully this works as expected (avoiding double entries).
Version 1.39:
Updated Links Section to be linked with A1 related links.

Updated A1 related links page
Version 1.38:
Reworked the AmigaOne pages and splitted them in three different pages because of better overview.

Updated the A1-links section and added three additional amigaone related sites.

Updated The Tips and Tricks section with latest installation experiences.
Version 1.37:
Updated FAME info page with hints for broken user.data and the MUI User-Editor warning. Also added the uDataRepair tool to the Downloads Section.

Removed RC5-72 stats page and replaced it with a direct link to dnetc stats. I have currently no time to develop another stats page...

Removed AI-Clan page. As is seems to be the case that many of the "old" clan members have major problems with my person I am no longer interested in being a member.

Added AmigaOne page with tipps and links to other AmigaOne sites. This page will be enhanced in the future, depending on how much informations I can gather :)
Version 1.36:
Added new MySQL-based guestbook. The old one was lost after moving the site to another server. This is now hopefully no longer a problem :)
Version 1.35:
Replaced whole navigation with a text-based navigation. This is easier to handle as many changings are currently under development.

Removed RC5 stats page

Added Distributed folding statistics page to the site.

Reworked the Links section and added missing links
Version 1.34:
Added showGuru.php from F1-Timer as standard error page.

Fixed the RC5 Statistics page, the date range was wrong calculated.

Fixed Seti@Stats page to fit the new URLs used by Seti. Also released 0.23 of p-stats.
Version 1.33:
Changed JS-Code of Navigation to allocate images in the right size instead of just "new Image();"

Rewritten the Download Section. It uses now MySQL to retrieve Metadata for all archives. This avoids the date problems when updating the archives, as all required datas are now taken from MySQL. Also a download counter is now implemented.
Version 1.32:
Added DOCTYPE display detection, it won't be printed for IE6 or NS 6, as both of them are in trouble when using the DOCTYPE...
Version 1.31:
Enhanced again the download section, now sorting of all columns in ascending or descending order is possible. Defaults to date descending sort order.
Version 1.30:
Added Seti@Home stats menu entry.

Enhanced Download page to support not only Amiga-based software anymore. Now the directory parser is able to detect what platform the archive is made for. Currently supporting Linux and Amiga. Also made some security fixes to sgl_private.inc.
Version 1.21:
Updated email address to reflect my new address.
Version 1.2:
Corrected Url Display in guestbook

Added OS indicator in Downloads. Currently of course only Amiga Software available ;))

Fixed some cosmetical bugs in RC5 stats page.

Added a small Javascript animation in navigation frame.
Version 1.1:
Archive dates corrected, they reflect now the release date, not the upload time ;)

Swapped the fields Date and Size in downloads. It is better to read when the date field is right behind the version...also added bgcolor swapping under DOM2 browsers for better overview.

Enhanced the AI-Clan page with the favourite games of our members.
Version 1.0:
After many month of thinking and rewriting the whole site, it is now finally finished. Page features:

German/english support

Automatic updates for RC5, Downloads and Contact

Own-created Guestbook (coding time: 40 mins ;)

Fully HTML 4.01 compliant