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blue wrote on 17th July 2004 09:34:52

cool site

blue Dennis Smith wrote on 10th June 2004 05:03:56

Hi SieGel: I enjoyed this A1 site a lot. I looking forward to the OS4 installation myself when it ever arrives! :) Thanks for the view of thing to come... Dennis

blue Petr Kaderka wrote on 09th June 2004 10:47:38

Hey man, I am a totally devoted Amigan from the Czech republic, I'm totally amazed by both AmigaOne and Pegasos.. but AmigaOne is not available in here and Pegas is also MUCH cheaper... (I saw your A1 config - that has to be VERY expensive) I just wanted to tell u that your site about A1 is absolutely THE BEST i have seen so far!!!!!!!!!!! Really, I was surprised how much new information I read... quess why there is no link to your great page on Amiga main websites... please keep the site going as well as the Amiga spirit!!!! thank you pecaN

blue [???]elGuN-UC wrote on 08th June 2004 23:25:02

Hi Siegel :-)'s her.. Schöne Grüße von einem deiner Beta-Tester & SAS-C Programieranfänger der immer wieder mal ne Frage hatte...hehe Hach was waren das doch für schöne Amiga-Zeiten damals...*seufz* P.S. Gruß auch von MagicMax, der sitzt gerade auch hier.

blue Sven Drieling wrote on 08th June 2004 01:12:05

Hallo Sascha, sehr schön gemachte Seite! Die Sache mit dem direkten Start der glibc für Infos kannte ich noch gar nicht. tschuess [|8:)

blue hooligan/dcs wrote on 07th June 2004 07:48:28

Hi mom!

blue Bodie_CI5 wrote on 05th June 2004 12:01:05

Dude, keep up the great work here!

blue dingo wrote on 31st May 2004 01:26:33

Hi I forgot to add a message and thank you for the Stats for BOINC and the help you gave us at BOINC@AUSTRALIA getting the stats up and running, it is much appresiated. Thanks again

blue KompX wrote on 27th May 2004 17:00:46

thanx 4 da PStats 4 SETI, nice job ;) Recpect

blue guido waldenmeier wrote on 21st May 2004 14:37:15

hi dear ups eigendlich mag ich keine statistik,aber bei dir sieht es toll aus ,da könnte man sich fast daran gewöhnen ;-) live long and prosper

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