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   | New release: TNSParser Class 0.1

This class allows to easily parse the tnsnames.ora file, which is used by Oracle Database. Nothing special, but maybe handy for somebody.

Download as usual in the Download section.

   | New release: Oracle Class 1.04

This update contains only minor changes:

- New methods "SetAction()", "SetClientInfo()" and "SetClientIdentifier()"

- Bind var support for the "SaveBLOB()" method.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: Oracle class 1.02

This release contains a bugfix in the handling of oci_parse() errors.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: OIS 2.01

This update of the Oracle Information Site brings updates of the internal classes and javascript frameworks and also the following enhancements:

Plugin "DBInfo":
- New tab "Result Cache" (for 11g or newer)
- New tab "Used features"
- New tab "Registry"

Plugin "DBJobs":

Plugin "Processes":
- Processlist can be sorted now
- New tab "Long Ops" to display long running operations

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: Oracle Class 1.01

This update adds support for Output Variables to the ExecuteHash() method. Also all warnings for all oci_* functions are now disabled.

Download as usual on the download page.

   | New release: OIS 2.00

Today the Oracle Information Site 2.00 (OIS2) was released. It was rewritten from scratch to eleminate the limititations the old 1.xx releases had.

Major change is the authentication against Oracle. All previous versions required a static textfile containing the logindata for the various Oracle instances, which is a major security hole. OIS2 now always authenticate against the Oracle database, so no credentials have to be stored in plain text on your server anymore.

All functionality in OIS2 is implemented via a plugin system and uses jQuery/jQueryUI to give more comfort to the GUI and the usage in general. Some functionality of the 1.xx series have been extended.

This software is released under the GPL licence and can be downloaded in the download section.

   | New release: SQLite class 0.20

This is a wrapper class for SQLite databases running under PHP 5. The API for this class is almost identical to my own MySQL and Oracle Database classes.

Please note that this class won't work under PHP 4, PHP 5 is required.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: Oracle Class 1.00

This update fixes some bugs and adds some getter / setter methods to have always both the Get* and Set* methods available.

Also this update introduces now two class files, one class is written for PHP 4 and the other is meant for PHP 5 or newer.

The PHP 4 version won't be enhanced anymore, as PHP 4 is no longer actively supported by the PHP team.

The PHP 5 version uses already some of the new functions provided by PHP 5.3.2 while maintaining backward compatibility until PHP 5.1.2. The PHP 5 is now the only actively supported version.

IMPORTANT: The PHP 5 class is written in a way that you can simply overwrite your old version with the new one, however there are some necessary changes made to the class code, so please read FIRST (!) the supplied PHP4_PHP5_changes.txt document before updating your installation!!!

Versionnumbers of both classes:

PHP4: 0.78 (no longer enhanced)
PHP5: 1.00 (active development)

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: MySQL class 0.39

This update is a maintenance release covering a major bugfix, no new methods are added.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: MySQL class 0.38

New methods added to this release:

- NumRows() determines the number of rows returned by SELECT etc. queries

- PerformNewInsert() allows to add multiple values with INSERT or REPLACE by combining the values in New-Style Syntax queries.

- Support for New Link establishing when connecting to the same system using the same credentials.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: OIS 1.37 final

Some warnings with Oracle 8i where fixed, also the last remaining PHP shorttags are removed.

This is the last version of OIS 1.x .
The codebase makes it really hard to further extend this software. This was the reason to cancel further development and start with a completly new codebase written from scratch, which uses a plugin architecture and many other enhancements compared to the current OIS versions.

Hopefully I'm able to release this new software until the end of the year 2009.

   | New release: MySQL Class V0.37

This release fixes some minor bugs and introduces two new methods:

- checkSock() - Internal function to test if a connection to MySQL exists

- DescTable() - Returned the fieldlist of a given table including fieldtype and -size and the field flags.

Download as usual on the download page.

   | New Release: Oracle PHP class v0.77

This update fixes an important bug, adds new method "ExecuteHash()" and more examples are added which show the usage of this class.

Download as usual on the download page.

   | Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I wish all users a merry christmas, happy holidays and of course a happy new year 2009.

   | New release: MySQL class V0.36

This update brings support for different character sets (i.e. UTF8) and support for handling different languages to translate date and time strings.

In addition two new example scripts are provided. One shows the new methods to handle character sets and translation settings while the other one shows how to handle DDL (CREATE,DROP) and DML (INSERT,UPDATE) SQL commands within the class.

Download as usual on the Download-page.

   | New Website finally online!

Maybe you've already noticed, my new homepage is now finally online.

I hope that the new design is much better readable than the old one, at least I like it :)

If you have critics or suggestions feel free to drop me a note in the guestbook, which is now finally back online.

If you are searching the Amiga-FAQs please check the new section "FAQ", there you will find all the old FAQs.

   | New Release: Amiga AutodocViewer 0.3

This update removes a possible XSS attack, adds CSS support and fixes some HTML errors. Also the code is now fully working under PHP5.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: MySQL class V0.35

This update of the MySQL class contains some bug fixes and new methods.
Here's a short summary of the changes made:

- Support for persistant connections
- Commit() / Rollback() methods are now correctly working
- Extended Print_Error() method with additional informations
- New methods: GetDebug() and EscapeString()
- Support for different portnumbers when using the Connect() method.

This update is fully compatible with v0.34. Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: SGLBackup 0.40

This update fixes a small bug in the generations management and adds support for additional parameter to be passed to mysqldump. This was necessary to allow exporting of functions, procedures and trigger from newer MySQL database servers.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: PHPManSearch 0.21

This update adds support for the new PHP Manual Format that introduced recently. This also means that this version of PHPManSearch can only read the new format, all older manual formats are no longer supported!
I've tested this with the english manual dated from 25th November, 2007.

In addition a drop-down selection box is added which provides direct access to all important PHP manual sections.

Download it as usual from the download section.

   | New Release: OIS V1.36

The following things have been changed in Oracle Information Site:

- Table in "Processes&sessions" can be sorted now on every
data cell by clicking on the corresponding table header text.

- "Show database users" now displays the amount of objects from
the view "ALL_OBJECTS" instead of "DBA_SEGMENTS".

- "Lock overview" now displays the user and program, this makes it
a lot easier to identify the sessions who have pending locks.

- Added SID/SERIAL# fields in "Processes&sessions" overview,
this helps to easily recognize a session, i.e. to kill
that session directly.

- Made code safe when running with error reporting level E_ALL, also
the long php tags form is now used in all scripts instead of
the short form.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New release: PHP class OCI8 V0.76

This class allows to usage of Oracle Databases 8i or higher with the help of an easy to use API. The class supports bind variables, IN/OUT PL/SQL parameters and BLOBs.

The API is somewhat similar to my MySQL class except some missing methods in both classes during the major difference between Oracle and MySQL.

Also some examples are included in the archive, which shows how to use the class.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: OIS V1.35

Oracle Information Site (OIS) is updated to V1.35 and includes the following changes:


04-Jan-2007 - Process details now show informations whenever a long-operation is detected.

- Updated OCI8 class to V0.75

24-Nov-2006 - Updated OCI8 class to V0.73

- Added cursor cache statistics to instance statistics page.

25-Sep-2006 - Added V$SGA_DYNAMIC_COMPONENTS view to Show Memory page.

21-Sep-2006 - Added new page with general instance statistics and an
overview table showing wait stats.

- Added fragmented object overview to Tuning view page.

- Added SGA allocation overview to Memory overview page.

- Added additional statistic to Rollback Segmeent page.

- Added Ratio calculation to Redolog page.

14-Sep-2006 - Added new page showing contents of DBA_LOCK table.

17-Aug-2006 - Fixed again a bug in the schemabrowser detail view for tables,
the indicies details had wrong joins which resulted in double
columns to be shown. This is now fixed.

- Updated OCI8 class to V0.72.

- Fixed a bug in process list when using a 64Bit instance,
the RAW fields where not correctly converted and resulted
in crap being displayed in the process detail view. Now the
RAW fields are converted via RAWTOHEX() and now process list
works as expected.

   | New Release: MySQL class V0.34

MySQL class is a PHP4/5 class for easy handling with MySQL Databases. This class provides a lot of useful methods, for example automatic email sending in case of errors.
An easy to learn API should made it possible even for PHP beginners to use this class.

This class is licensed under the BSD licence and can be downloaded in the download section.

   | New Release: SGLBackup V0.39

New features are support for Wildcards in directories and MySQL databases and the possibility to use named pipes when exporting Oracle Databases to save hd space.
Also some minor bugs are fixed. Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: OIS V1.34

My Oracle Information Site is now updated to V1.34, a lot of things have been changed and/or updated and many new functions are added. The changelog contains:


15-Jan-2006 - Updated OCI8 class to V0.66

12-Jan-2006 - Fixed a bug in the table detail view of schema browser, the
index view was broken and did not show all depend fields.

10-Dec-2005 - Submenu added to title, this way it is more useable than
having the navigation tied on bottom of the pages.

25-Nov-2005 - Fixed various small HTML bugs complained by HTML Tidy.

- Updated OCI8 class to V0.62.

26-Jul-2005 - Added list of constraints to table detail view

25-Jul-2005 - Table detail view now lists all existing indexes for that table.

23-Jul-2005 - Removing of exported Datafiles is now possible.

13-Jul-2005 - Schema browser now provides also the possibility to list the DDL
definition for almost every object.

- Table detail page has new button "Show DDL" which lists the
SQL statement to re-create the table in a popup window.

- Added new config option OIS_DATA_DIR which has to be set to
a valid path where all export files are stored. This directory
must have write permissions for the user the webserver is
running under, this is also checked inside OIS. Whenever there
are new files stored in this dir, a new menu entry will be
visible (Manage export files), where one can either download
or delete the exported files. If you do not want to use this
feature simply set OIS_DATA_DIR to an empty string and this
functionality is disabled, but you cannot export tables anymore!

11-Jul-2005 - Exporting of table content is now possible. The exporter is
currently limited to tables without BLOB/LONG/RAW columns,
these types will be supported in a later release. The ASCII
exporter does not require any Oracle tools, it is completly
PHP based, so do not expect high-speed when exporting large
tables with this function!

10-Jul-2005 - Updated OCI8 class to V0.61.

09-Jul-2005 - Added new Config option which allows to disable the TNSPing
calls on the main overview page. Simply set PING=FALSE if you
do not want to TNSPing databases (useful if you have the
InstaClient installed).

- Updated OCI8 class to V0.60.

22-May-2005 - Updated OCI8 class to V0.58.

24-Apr-2005 - Added detailed informations for tables in schema browser.

23-Apr-2005 - Changed general header on all pages, this one hopefully looks
better and also did not take that much vertical space.

- ShowUsers now references schemabrowser.php instead of a non-
existant page "showUserDetails.php".

18-Apr-2005 - The title in the header was not correctly build - fixed.

- Fixed a bug in index.php which shows empty TNS names for local

- Updated OCI8 class to V0.57.

10-Apr-2005 - Updated OCI8 class to V0.55.

- Added support for CVS and phpDocumentor

Download as usual in the download section.

   | Happy christmas!

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and nice holidays.

   | New Release: SGLBackup V0.37

This little perl script allows to easily backup directories and/or MySQL and Oracle Databases. The backup files can be copied to a locally mounted directory or being transfered to a remote FTP Host. I'm using this script for almost 2 years now to backup my whole development environment.

Download as usual in the Download section.

   | New Release: P-Stats V0.35

As the Seti@Home servers have changed their location I had to adapt the script to match the new address, this is now done in V0.35. No new features are added, only the server addresses have been updated.
Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: SFV-Creator v0.2 for AmigaOS 4

This small tool creates SFV-Files, which are used to validate file transfers. This works by computing CRC32 checksums on all given files, which are then again tested on the remote side after transfer is finished. This way the remote side can safely check if all transfers are okay.
Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: PHP Manual Searcher 0.1

These PHP scripts allows to search for functions inside a local installed PHP manual. Nothing special but maybe useful for PHP developers.

   | New Release: OIS v1.33

OIS (Oracle Information Site) is a php application which allows to view stats and run-time informations from Oracle Databases starting with 8i or higher. Also a small and simple database manager is included. Mainly created for Oracle DBAs you MUST have the OCI8 API in PHP working, else you cannot use OIS.
Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: GeoIP support scripts for Oracle Databases

If you plan to use GeoIP on Oracle you may take a look at this archive, it contains a short installation readme, a control file definition to read MaxMind's CSV file (requires separate download from!!) and a PL/SQL package with functions to query the GeoIP table.

You need also the CSV file from, this is not included!

A happy new year to everyone.

   | Seeking for a graphican!

I'm currently seeking for a graphic artist which may help me out designing my own homepage or give me at least a basic design from where to build up additional features.
If anyone out there thinks that he/she can manage this, plz get in touch with me (see contact for details), conditions for making this can be discussed then via email.

   | New Release: NetMon v0.34

I've added some additional statistic functions and a 68k Version is now also included for AmigaOS 3.x users. Download as usual on the download page.

   | Site relaunched!

Today I have reÄuploaded the complete homepage, as I have reworked the site. Now FRAMES are no longer used, all pages are useable with Amiga browsers, the design of the pages is now identical and also all old code is removed.

If you find any mistakes or bugs on this site, please leave me a short comment so I can fix them. Also a short comment in the guestbook how you like the new site layout would be nice :)

   | New Releases: NetMon 0.2 / adoc.php 0.2

NetMon has now a new option allowing to disable all gui elements except a small frameborder. Also a small bug was fixed, for details see included docs.

Adoc.php is also bugfixed and should be now able to really read all existing Autodocs without problems.

   | New release: NetMon 0.1 - Network Monitor for Roadshow

This little tool is a "remake" of MiamiDX' control panel, only this time for Roadshow and AmigaOS 4 + MUI only. It displays transferspeed, total volume, online time and state of all found interfaces.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | Boinc-Stats removed!

As the Boinc Project is going live on June, 23rd I have removed my Boinc-Stats System from my Homepage. The reason for this is simple:

My Boinc-Stats are based on "Real-Time" data, which means that I'm reading all required data for a given account as soon as you are calling the page. As the XML files of the live project have now ~30MB in size I cannot read the data in a reasonable time anymore, so the whole Stats pages are useless now.

If you want to have personal stats for your boinc account, please go to, this site is more or less the official stats page, I'm now out of business regarding to Boinc.

   | New Release: AutoDoc Reader in PHP

Today I've released a small PHP script which allows to read the Amiga Autodocs online in your favourite Web Browser. To get an idea how this looks like check out the links here and here
I will extend the download section soon with a new category called AmigaOS 4, as new releases for this platform are not so far away anymore.

   | New Release: BOiNC-Stats V0.13

This version has now support for JPGraph class, searching in topmember and topteams is possible and the world-rank is finally shown, too.
Download as usual in the download section.

UPDATE: If you have already downloaded and installed V0.13, please remove a faulty space character in the english translation file in the very last line to get a working JPGraph output! I also have already uploaded a fixed archive.

   | New release: FAME-FTPd V0.1

Today I have released my FTP server for FAME BBS systems. The server is able to handle FXP and is completly RFC 959 aware.
As I have no time to continue development on Classic Amiga I've decided to release the complete C-Source, too.
Download as usual in the download section.

   | AmigaOne Section reworked!

I have completly rewritten the whole AmigaOne section here on my homepage. All content that was static in previous versions is now displayed from a database system. Also the AmigaOne Section can be reached via:

If you have set any links on the previous pages please adapt them to the new url scheme.
I also plan to add more functionality to the A1 section in the near future, so that the possibility exists to allow every user to add new FAQs or A1-related links.

   | New Release: BOiNC-Stats V0.12

This update brings new stats for Top members / Top teams. Also some bugs are fixed and you can now view teammembers statistics by clicking on the teamname.

   | New Release: P-Stats V0.34

I have fixed two small bugs in this release (missing 7500 medal and GET vars not correctly working). No new features are added in this release.

   | New Release: Boinc-Stats V0.11

There have been a lot of new things added, for example some nice graphics for operating systems/countries have been added and also more infos are displayed now.

Download as usual in the download section, preview can be viewed under BOiNC-Stats link.

   | New release: Seti@home P-Stats V0.33

Thanks to Merlin (again :) and Mike Bader I have finally found some good hidden bugs in the Team detail display and hopefully fixed them once and for all.

   | First release of Boinc-Stats

Today I've released the BOiNC-Stats page. BOINC is the official successor of the classic Seti@Home Project and is currently in public betatest stage. My stats are working fine together with the BOinc Infrastructure and should be working also when the project goes live.

You can grab your copy as usual in the download section.

   | New release: p-Stats V0.32

Merlin reported that the script displays an error for his stats because of his 200000+ WU's calculated. This was caused by a missing argument in a function call, V0.32 fixes this, so please update the script if you have V0.31 already installed. Thanks for the report!

   | New Release of P-Stats V0.31

I have finally got some time to incorporate all user-requests and bug reports into the current P-Stats script version.
Also support for PHP-Nuke is now added without having to use the Fake version released by Mr. Erker...

Read supplied docs and/or history file for further informations.

You can download V0.31 from the download section.

   | A happy new Year to everyone!

To start the new year I've updated the site, mostly the AmigaOne FAQs got some updates and some other small things are updated, too.

Currently I have no time to update the Seti Stats script, as I'm working currently on more important projects that needs to be finished before I can continue working on the (hopefully) final version of the seti stats script.

   | New Release: P-Stats V0.30

As the Seti Webserver seems to be heavily overloaded I have rewritten now the statistics script to use the supplied XML files instead of parsing the HTML code of the website. Also some code improvements are made inside the script.
Download as usual in the download section.

   | Release of uData Repair 0.1

After some testing I've released today a tool to repair broken FAME
Please use this tool ONLY if your contains users with usernumber 0!
For additional informations please read the supplied readme file contained in archive uDataRepair01.lha
available in the Download section.
This tool won't be released to aminet, it is only available here.
Also I have updated some parts of this website, removed some obselete pages and
updated the FAME page with additional infos about the MUI User-Editor problems.

As I am now a proud owner of an AmigaOne system I have added an AmigaOne page containing
(hopefully) useful tipps and links to AmigaOne related sites.
If someone has additional tipps or links please send them to so I can add them
to the page. I will update this page on a regular basis as soon as new infos are available.

   | New Release: aCID-tOP V1.0 (FAME Tool)

aCID-tOP is a weektop tool for FAME which supports upto 64 bit counts for uploads.
Look and behavour is taken from dre!Weektop, so you may use this tool as a replacement
if 4GB of upload data per week is not enough ;)
Download as usual in the download area or look at aminet.

   | New Release: p-Stats 0.27

And again a new Release...

p-Stats V0.27 is now released. It contains some bugfixes
and also a new language: italian.

   | New Release: MP3Extract 1.3 / F-News 1.2

Two new Amiga tools are released today:

MP3Extract V1.3 - Fixed two bugs, VBR MP3s should be read correct now.

F-News V1.2 - FAME News display tool, fixed a buffer overflow error.

Both tools are available as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: mULTI-cHECK v1.6 (Amiga) - Archive Testing Utility

This update supports now binary adverts to add to archives without
destroying the advert :)
Get the file as usual from the download section.

   | Guestbook lost...

FYI: As this site has been moved to a new server the guestbook is lost
because I have forgotten to backup it before the site moves...:(
I will finish soon my new version of the guestbook which cannot lost
anymore these informations. Sorry for that.
Everything else should be working now as usual, if you find any
dead links etc please drop me a mail.

   | New Release: distfoldstats

And again a new download!
As I have recently switched to fold proteins (see here)
I have written my own stats page, as the original design was not my favourite one :)
You can see my version of these stats under the menuentry Dist. Fold. Stats.
Of course you can download this script as usual in the download section.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!

   | New Release: seti-stats 0.26

After some time now a new update for the Seti@Home statistics.
V0.26 adds again some new translations and has also some visual improvements
and user-contributions.

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: Seti@Home P-Stats V0.25

Again a new update of Seti@Home stats. New features in V0.25:
- Support for two new languages: France and Danish
- New page to display all total stats from seti@home web server
- Several small bug fixes

Download as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: Seti@Home P-Stats V0.24

Again time for a new update...thanks to the many seti@home users out there
there where three small bugs reported inside the P-Stats script. I've
fixed these bugs and released a new version V0.24. If you have no problems
with previous versions you do not have to update now, as there are no new
features added, just a debugged and (hopefully) bugfree version is released.

   | New Release: Seti@Home P-Stats V0.23

I've updated again the Seti@Home statistics page, it's now V0.23. This update
was neccessary as Seti has changed their URL's and therefor P-Stats was no longer working.
Also a spanish translation was added and the memberlist is now rendered correct.
Grab the new archive as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: Seti@Home P-Stats V0.22

Seti@home stats page is again updated, now it's V0.22. It uses now a different URL
to load the Team Member stats, so that these statistics are now also displayed in
Realtime. Also added is localisation for german/english languages. See supplied
.doc file for further infos. Download it as usual in the download section.

   | New Release: Seti@Home P-Stats V0.21

Seti@home stats page is updated to V0.21, which fixes the broken medal display.
You can find the latest archive as usual in the download section.

   | Site Update

Finally it is done, I have now my own provider/webspace, and during the
change of the new host i also updated the links&contact pages.

Also my F1-Timer is now hosted at my new provider, so if you are a F1-Fan
just visit F1-Timer and
fight for the best times ;)

   | Welcome in the year 2002...

After some months of inactivity here a small update to my homepage. As I have canceled
RC5 commitment, I've switched my linux boxes to calculate Seti@Home workunits, my
windows pc's will continue to work for UD fighting against Cancer.
However these Seti@home statistics pages are not sooo beautiful, so I decided to write
my own stats pages, which are accessable here under Seti Stats.
If you want to use this stats page for your own account, got to download area and
get the setistats package.


My e-mail will be changed soon, and my old one won't work any longer from
November 01, 2001 on. So please use now the following e-mail:

   | Today I've released my first Keyfilemaker ;)

It creates a keyfile for Christian 'vIGGE' VigÄrd's MP3-TagEd,
as his Amiga is broken and he cannot continue the development,
so he asked the public to create a keyfilemaker, and here it is ;)

   | Hello all, I'm back from Greece and feel much better than before ;)

The FAME Webserver development is currently very slow during some malfunctioned
include files, as soon as this is fixed I will release a first beta version, so
stay tuned and leave a comment in my guest book ;)

   | New homepage!

Unbelievable but it is reality: My homepage is completly new coded. This time I used
PHP 4, coded a .readme Scanner in the Download sections to make the updating as easy
as possible, made my own very primitive guestbook and the page finally supports now
german and english as languages.
If you have any suggestions, bug-reports or something else to say, feel free to contact
me (see menu contact).

   | Release of F-News

Today I've released F-News can download it as usual in the Downloads Section.
F-News is a News display tool like Hydra-News, but without any Y2K Issues.
I'm also working now on a Webinterface for FAME, again this is coded in C as no other language
makes sense on classic Amigas because of the slow processing power.
I will post here the latest development news about this Webinterface, stay tuned!

   | Update...

Argh, again such a big time delay before updating anything here...
Okay, as many of you have already noticed, my Amiga coding effort is
almost dead, that's mainly because I have no userbase anymore. The
result is to stop normal Amiga development. I will only write some
useful scripts mainly in Python, (Amiga has also a Python Interpreter!),
but C-Development is completly halted.
Also access to my BBS is restored, as won't work
anymore. So please use now the following address to reach my BBS via Telnet:


You may also visit my WebServer located under the same address.
Please check also the Links section, there you will find some Websites I've made
for Grand Prix 3 and F1 Championship Racing to track the best drivers...

   | Happy New Year to everyone!

I did not manage it to finish the release package for F-News, instead
I have again updated my Web Pages. Thanks to PHP my Bovine Stats will
be updated automatically now. Just take a look to it, you will see a
small delay when the page loads, that's because the keydatas will be
retrieved from
F-News will be released really soon, I have to finish first some small
fixes. Expect an release tommorrow.

   | Updated the Link Pages.

Also this week I will release F-News, a program
to display news when login into your FAME BBS.
I will post a news note when the release is done.

   | Update...

Again a looong delay, again the same reason...okay here are the latest news:
My BBS is now only accessable via Internet (Telnet).
Just telnet to It can happen that the Hostname is not
always accessable, in this case try again in a few minutes.
My BBS won't be accessable anymore via normal ISDN line, so please don't try my old
number anymore. I will install in the future more Telnet nodes (currently 2), so there
shouldn't be any problem with that.
I'm currently working on DynDNS, the MUI Program that handles hostnames on third party
servers to allow dynamic ip users like me to have a hostname that always work ;) It will
be released soon.
More news will follow when the program is released.

   | Updated the BovineScanner archive with an 68020 Version.

Also included is Oliver Lange's OpenUtil.library, which is required for operation of BovineScanner.
I'm also converting my Homepage to PHP3 to make it easier to update News etc. So if
you encounter any problem, please report it to me.

   | Release of Bovine Scanner

I've released my Bovine Scanner (See Bovine Stats for example output) as BETA. Feel free to use it, but
be prepared to get only a program, no docs, no installation ;) To download go to Downloads and grab
the bscan12.lha archive. Have fun!

   | Update...

Sorry for not updating this long time, I was heavy busy with my job, but here are the latest news:
After installing the new AmigaSDK I decided to cancel new projects on the Classic Amiga series! I will finish
my outstanding projects (F-News, some other yet unreleased doors) and that's it for the Classic Amiga! Sorry
for that step, but the new System is much better, gives the possibility to port your programs easily to linux
and other uni*es, and as I have to program on Linux anyway, it is the only logical step for me.
I will of course fix all bugs found in all my released doors and I will continue to run my BBS (maybe in the
future only via Internet, we will see) as long as my good old A4000 won't die...

   | FAME 2.8 released!

Okay, finally it's done: FAME V2.8 is now released for all registered Users. Just call my BBS and get the latest Version, which is now Y2K stable and has tons of other improvements worth upgrading from your old versions!

   | Update...

Urgs, sorry for not updating this section, but there was nothing really new until now ... ;)
From now on my BBS is again accessable for ISDN AND (!) analouge calls thanks to the help of my new
I-Courier Modem! So feel free to call my BBS under +49 (0) 30 614 25 51 or try

   | Update...

Updated the 'Other programs' section to include the BovineScanner description.
Also changed the frames so that the News Page will be shown after Frames are loaded.
No other news, so I just keep up my promise to update these pages at least weekly now ;)

   | Update...

First sorry for the long delay updating these pages, but I was heavy busy with my job and other projects.
Next my Bovine Scanner won't be released to the public, as there are some problems with a third-party library
that cannot be solved and therefor I cannot release a stable version. If you want to view the output of this scanner,
check out my Bovine Stats page.
Finally I've forgotten to mention here on the news page that AMIPopUp V1.40 is now released including an AREXX Port,
some bugfixes and additional locale catalogs. Check out the download section to get the latest version.

   | MP3Extract V1.2 now released.

It can be found in the Download section.
Also the new Page design is now official released, but beware that not ALL of the
Menu entries are currently working, I have to finish first some Perl scripts (Guestbook etc.)
before it will be useable. Just check out my pages regulary ;)
My BBS is now also back again online, but from now on only for ISDN X.75 users...
sorry but this step was neccessary for me...all other datas keeps unchanged.

   | Reworked the navigation frame including new graphics.

In the future these pages will be enhanced for different browsers, so keep up looking here...
Added sections Guestbook, Contact and Tips&Tricks.
The ICQ Panel could be found now under the Contact menu.
Programs Menu includes now FAME, Amiex and all other tools under one new submenu

   | Update...

Added cascading style sheets to all pages bringing a better looking for Netscape/IE Users...
hopefully the next versions of Amiga browsers will be able to support .css, too...

   | Update...

Removed all uneccessary buttons from main index page to improve loading.
Also new release of Multi-Top,
which is a bit enhanced and is now able to include the SysOp in the bulls if required.

   | Added ICQ Control Panel to this site.

This allows to send to me E-Mails or other notifications.
I'm also working on AREXX Support for AMIPopUp and my Bovine Logfile Scanner is
also near the completition, so check out the news section frequently!

   | mEGA-vIEW V3.4 released!

Many improvements are made since the last Amiex Version,
so feel free to take a look to the new version.
As usual you will find the release archive HERE.

   | Update...

Fixed all external links to reset the frames. Also updated the Links section.

   | AMIPopUp V1.34 is now released.

It contains better MuFS Support, a popup list for the hosts in the send window and also the saving of outgoing messages.
Additional the polish catalog translation is now also added.
It can be downloaded HERE.

   | Website reworked

All WWW pages are reworked. They are now using FRAMES and Javascript for better looking.

   | AMIPopUp V1.32 is now released.

It contains some additional features like starting of CLI commands whenever a new message arrives,
dos2unix/unix2dos character conversation etc.
It can be downloaded HERE.

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