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Remount filesystem from "read-only" state to Read-Write
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As I'm now running my A1 in full-DMA mode even the DMA bug is not solved yet I got from time to time some filesystem errors on my root partition resulting in a read-only filesystem. Because I do not require my A1 as production system yet I'm simply using the brute-force method to get the system back :)
First, I have to repair the fs-errors by entering:

AmigaOne:~# fsck.ext2 -y /dev/hda2

My root partition is on /dev/hda2 using an ext2 filesystem. The option -y automatically answers all questions with Yes. That is indeed dangerous, but hey, I cannot do anything else, so answering Yes is for me the right answer :)
After repairing the filesystem is in read-only state which is bad, as even the man pages cannot be displayed anymore.To get it up and running again you need to remount the partition:

AmigaOne:~# mount -o remount,rw /dev/hda2

This makes the filesystem again read-write. A short test:

AmigaOne:~# touch /t
AmigaOne:~# rm /t

It should be really clear that this is not the desired behavour nor should it be done by ppl who are not familar with Linux/Unix systems. And of course all these steps can be taken only by user root!!

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