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Unable to install the Powerware Shutdown Agent under CentOS 5.x?
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When trying to install the Shutdown Agent from Powerware under CentOS 5.x you will receive the following error message:


Your Libc version is not supported.


After checking the file I discovered the error. The script simply tests the version number of the installed libc library, however their recognition only works up to V2.4 of the libc library. However CentOS 5.x is based on the 2.5.x libc library, so the script is not able to correctly detect this.

Normally the libc libraries should be fully compatible with earlier versions, so I've added a small enhancement to the file, and after that change the installation finally worked. Also the agent software runs without problems, so all you have to do is to manually modify the script to get a working agent software installation.


Due to copyright reasons I cannot post here the complete modified file, only the modification I've made is listed here. Please follow these steps to get the installer running on your CentOS 5.x box:


1. Open the file "" with a texteditor of your choice.

2. Search inside this file for the following lines:


os_type="Linux (x86), Libc 2.3.4 or higher"


and append DIRECTLY AFTER these lines the following new lines:


os_type="Linux (x86), Libc 2.5.x"


3. Now save the changed file, that's it!


The installer can be started now and will (hopefully!) successfully install the agent software.


Another problem you may face is the firewall, if activated. To allow the agent the communication with the master server, add the following line to your iptables configuration:


-A INPUT -s {IP-of-PowervisionServer} -p udp -m state --state NEW -m udp --dport 7013 -j ACCEPT


After adding this line (and change the placeholder {IP-of-PowervisionServer} with the IP address of your Powervision Server!) your agent should be able to communicate with your Master.


Final words: These modifications are tested ONLY (!) on CentOS 5.x. It is very likely that this modification will allow the script to run on other distributions, too, however this is not tested and therefor I cannot give any advise on this.

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