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Some hints about Pre-Release Update 3
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With the Update 3, which was released some days ago, many things regarding AmigaOS 4 and U-Boot configuration have been changed, so I decided to put up a small list of things to check for when installing the Update 3. Please note that this list is compiled based on my very own experiences with the installation of Update 3.

In any case do yourself a big favour and make a complete backup before installing an OS Upgrade! And read CAREFULLY the update docs supplied by Hyperion, best is to print it out before starting the installation!

After reboot you will notice that your screen is using a very strange resolution (640x480 i would say), this is because the Screenmodes have changed during the driver update. So start Sys:Prefs/Picasso96Mode and "reattach" your board to the settings. After a reboot (neccessary) you have to choose again a new screenmode and after saving your new selection everything should be back in business. Please notice that you must choose a new screenmode in all programs that have own screens (including the MUI screens!).

The U-Boot environment variables have been changed! You HAVE TO READ CAREFULLY the documentation of your used IDE controller, which can be found in "Sys:Documentation" after installation of Update 3.

I'm using a Sii0680 controller and had to set the following variable according to the docs (set inside the UBoot shell):

setenv sii0680ide_xfer F000

Which has been used in previous version as

setenv sil_xfer F000

After setting this variable remember to saveenv this new variable and also read carefully the supplied docs for any other variables you maybe want to set. For the 0680 Controller you have to read "sii0680ide_dev.doc".

The IDE device names have been changed! I've been used "si680ide.device" in Update 2 which has to be changed to "sii0680ide.device" in Update 3! Remember to check this, you may have also a small shell script to easily call c:idetool which won't work anymore if you did not adapt the device name.
You may look in directory "Sys:Kickstart" to see how exactly the names have been spelled, the 0680 controller is called "sii0680ide.device.kmod"

These are the main changes I had to do during the installation of Update 3, so you can see it is as easy as usual on the Amiga Platform :)


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