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How to change the look of new Screens to the new AmigaOS 4 behavour
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Open Prefs/Screens and change the "Default" entry as follows:

GUI-> Settings: Custom
GUI-> Use custom settings: Enabled
GUI-> Settings path: SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys/gui.prefs

Palette-> Settings: Custom
Palette-> Use custom settings: Enabled
Palette-> Settings path: SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys/palette.prefs

After this change all new screens should have the new AOS4 look.

In addition to editing the "Default" entry, launch the application you wish to change and then open Prefs/Screens. Use the "Insert open screen..." button and select the screen for the application. Now select it from the screens list, and then set up as described for the "Default" entry.

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