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Filename: bscan12.lha (35,390 bytes)
Released: 27th June 2000, 9,344 downloads
Category: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short   : Logfile Parser for dnetc Client logfiles
Author  : Sascha Pfalz (
Uploader: Sascha Pfalz (
Type    : ---/---
Requires: OpenUtil.library
Version : 1.2

                     Bovine Scanner V1.2 Documentation

                     written by Sascha 'SieGeL' Pfalz

                         Last Update: 01-Jul-2000

Bovine Scanner is a logfile parser for Clients. If you have
never heard anything about RC5, please see and
contribute to the Bovine Effort!

Please note that either this doc nor the program itself is really ready yet!
Here's a short list what it currently offers and what not:


 - 68020+ and AmigaOS V3.x

 - OpenUtil.library installed (included)

Included (and hopefully working) features:

 - able to read logfiles from ALL client versions

 - free configurable template output (HTML is included)

 - unlimited computer support

 - Very basic "grouping function" to group several logfiles to one computer

 - Some other things I've currently forgotten ;) AFAIK there is also some
   arguments supported, but don't know anymore what this is ...


 - Truncating of Logfiles and store datas on disk, so you don't have to
   parse all your logfiles again and again in full size (I have 36MB of
   logfiles, which take 166secs to parse on my 68060 @ 50Mhz...)

 - More keywords

 - Better installation support (auto-creation of required dirs etc.)

 - Completed docs...the saaadest thing :(

This doc is so far not ready yet. Here's a very short description how to use
and install this program:


Copy the contents of the archive to a directory of your choice, but make sure
that the directories "Config" and "Data" exists. 

If you don't have OpenUtil.library yet installed, copy libs/OpenUtil.library
to your LIBS: directory, as it is required for BovineScanner.

Edit the File config/computer.prefs with your Favourite TextEditor and fill 
in your datas.

Take a deeeep look inside the Template files found in the config/ directory.
The file "BovineTemplate.txt" is the template used for my own stats found on
my homepage. You may take this as a base to built your own templates. It would
be nice if you send me your Templates, so I can include them in next releases.


Please note that the first line inside the template MUST (!!!) contain a 
valid filename for the output file! So please read twice the contents of
the supplied template. Also note that for now the template must be named
as "BovineTemplate.txt". There is already some support to fix this inside
the program, but not tested yet and therefor not described yet.

After you have made all modifications to the files described above, simply
start the program. It will ask you for your e-mail used in your clients
and also a output directory (!) where to write down the template. You may
use the '.' as indicator to select the directory via an ASL Requester, but
you can of course enter the directory path without using the requester.

After saving the configuration BovineScanner parses your computer.prefs
and begins to parse all defined logfiles. This may take a while, so please
be patient while parsing ;) (You can break the program by using CTRL-C)

After all logfiles have successfully parsed the Template file is read and
the resulting output file is written in the given output dir under the 
filename you've defined as first line inside the template file. 

That's it ;)

PS: Please note that BovineScanner is currently not able to truncate logfiles
    so you have to take care that you backup your logfiles until BovineScanner
    supports truncating of logfiles.


This doc needs maaany further development, but I will only update currently
neccessary parts as I have to finish first all coding. So be prepared for 
some smaller updates comming in unregular times.

And finally, As stated on my homepage, I won't do any further development on
classic amigas, but of course i will fix all bugs you may found in any of my 
released tools. 

To reach me, please use one of the following options:

   ICQ: 9691810
   BBS: 030 / 614 87 60 (Germany)
Telnet: (only every sunday currently)

Seeing you on the Amiga-One platform!!!!!!

Here's a very very short description of all currently supported keywords for
the output templates:

  Supported commands:

  -Global commands

    %EMAIL                = The Email of the user
    %TEAMURL              = URL of Amiga Team (
    %COMPUTERS            = Total number of used computers

    %TOT_RC5_KEYS         = Total RC5 keys
    %TOT_RC5_BLOCKS       = Total RC5 2^28 Blocks
    %TOT_RC5_SPEED_MIN    = Total minimum RC5 speed
    %TOT_RC5_SPEED_MAX    = Total maximum RC5 speed
    %TOT_RC5_SPEED_AVG    = Total average RC5 speed
    %TOT_RC5_SENTS        = Total sents to Server for RC5
    %TOT_RC5_BLOCKS_SENT  = Total blocks sent to server for RC5
    %TOT_RC5_RETRIEVES    = Total retrieves from server for RC5
    %TOT_RC5_BLOCKS_RETR  = Total blocks retrieved from server for RC5
    %TOT_RC5_TIME_DAYS    = Total time used for RC5 in days
    %TOT_RC5_TIME_HOURS   = Total time used for RC5 in hours

    %TOT_DES_KEYS         = Total DES keys
    %TOT_DES_BLOCKS       = Total DES 2^28 Blocks
    %TOT_DES_SPEED_MIN    = Total minimum DES speed
    %TOT_DES_SPEED_MAX    = Total maximum DES speed
    %TOT_DES_SPEED_AVG    = Total average DES speed
    %TOT_DES_SENTS        = Total sents to Server for DES
    %TOT_DES_BLOCKS_SENT  = Total blocks sent to server for DES
    %TOT_DES_RETRIEVES    = Total retrieves from server for DES
    %TOT_DES_BLOCKS_RETR  = Total blocks retrieved from server for DES
    %TOT_DES_TIME_DAYS    = Total time used for DES in days
    %TOT_DES_TIME_HOURS   = Total time used for DES in hours

    %TOT_RANDOM_BLOCKS    = Total random 2^28 blocks (always RC5)
    %TOT_RECOVERED_BLOCKS = Total amount of recovered blocks

  -Computer specific commands (replace <x> with the according computer number)

    %SYSTEM.<X>           = System Name
    %OS.<X>               = Operating System
    %CPU.<X>              = Processor
    %MHZ.<X>              = Speed of Processor
    %RC5_BENCHMARK.<X>    = RC5 Benchmark result
    %DES_BENCHMARK.<X>    = DES Benchmark result

    %RANDOM_BLOCKS.<X>    = Processed random blocks (always RC5)
    %RECOVERED_BLOCKS.<X> = Amount of recovered blocks

    %RC5_KEYS.<X>         = Processed RC5 Keys
    %RC5_BLOCKS.<X>       = Processed RC5 Blocks
    %RC5_SPEED_MIN.<X>    = Minimum speed for RC5
    %RC5_SPEED_MAX.<X>    = Maximum speed for RC5
    %RC5_SPEED_AVG.<X>    = Average speed for RC5
    %RC5_SENTS.<X>        = Amount of sent connects to Server for RC5
    %RC5_BLOCKS_SENT.<X>  = Amount of blocks sent to server for RC5
    %RC5_RETRIEVES.<X>    = Amount of retrieve connects to Server for RC5
    %RC5_BLOCKS_RETR.<X>  = Amount of blocks retrieved from server for RC5
    %RC5_TIME_DAYS.<X>    = Time in days used for RC5

    %DES_KEYS.<X>         = Processed DES Keys
    %DES_BLOCKS.<X>       = Processed DES Blocks
    %DES_SPEED_MIN.<X>    = Minimum speed for DES
    %DES_SPEED_MAX.<X>    = Maximum speed for DES
    %DES_SPEED_AVG.<X>    = Average speed for DES
    %DES_SENTS.<X>        = Amount of sent connects to Server for DES
    %DES_BLOCKS_SENT.<X>  = Amount of blocks sent to server for DES
    %DES_RETRIEVES.<X>    = Amount of retrieve connects to Server for DES
    %DES_BLOCKS_RETR.<X>  = Amount of blocks retrieved from server for DES
    %DES_TIME_DAYS.<X>    = Time in days used for DES


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