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Filename: trsi-m34.lha (68,713 bytes)
Released: 22nd December 1998, 9,476 downloads
Category: AmigaOS (68k)

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Short:    Textviewer for FAME BBS. Recognizes over 600 Filetypes.
Uploader: (Sascha Pfalz)
Author: (Sascha Pfalz)
Type:     comm/misc
Version:  3.4
Requires: FileID.library V8+, Kickstart V3.x, FAME BBS

This is the native FAME Version of my well-known Textviewer. 
Many improvements are made (better textdisplay including full
CRSR key control, much faster, better archive support) and new
filetype support added. mEGA-vIEW is able to handle the following
filetypes directly:


Additional unknown filetypes could be also added. The archive comes together
with an installer script and a AmigaGuide manual.